Tiffinity Art showing at Mar Vista Artwalk!

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All-straight-9266-1300pxLast Minute Announcement! — Tiffinity Art is hittin’ the streets and I’m bringing some my visionary art to the Mar Vista Music & Art Walk tomorrow, Saturday, March 7, 2019 from 4–10pm.

side-closeup_9265-squareIncluded in what I’ll bring are these adorable small painting prints I just created. They’re glued and sealed onto wood canvas, giving it a fresh contemporary side profile look of a real painting, but at an affordable price and ready to hang. Some cosmic prints even have a sprinkling of iridescent glitter “stardust”.

I’ll also be bringing my full catalog of 11×14 inch archival painting prints, art greeting cards, plus a few framed prints and even some larger new abstract paintings. I even might paint live too.

I’ve enjoyed seeing the independent artists and musicians at Mar Vista Art Walk for years and I’m excited to finally be a part of it! My table will be located at 12926 Venice Blvd.

Feel free to come out and ‘get your art on’ and say hi!


We Gypsies, Pt. 3 of 3: Back to the Big City + My Ode to L.A.


Tiffany and husband Darius on their first day back in Los Angeles, February 2020
Tiffany and husband Darius on their first day back in Los Angeles, February 2020

After all the magic that transpired there for us, my husband Darius and I really thought for a while that Sedona was our new home and tried so hard to nest there. But after three years it became obvious that things were not working out for us there. The energetic signs were everywhere, from the majority of my best friends dropping away mysteriously to Darius developing not only severe seasonal allergies but sinusitis due to the specifically intense desert pollen in Northern Arizona.

So we slowly folded our cards there, and decided it was in our best interest to move back to a more populated area. We were ready to dive back into the fray, the pulse of a big city! So in February 2019 we moved back to Los Angeles, which now seems like our forever home once again, especially with our family and old friends there.

View of the city of L.A. from Runyon Canyon.
View of the city of L.A. from Runyon Canyon.

Yeah, L.A. still may be crowded and full of traffic, but now I see that it is definitely worth the inconvenience, because it is so full of fresh culture, youthful people, and exciting conversations. (Oh yeah, and D’s sinusitis is disappearing! He’s happy to report he can breath better plus smell and taste all his food again.)

As I come back to the city I am more excited than ever to get back to my painting inspirations, check out all the galleries again and connect with the artistic community here. I still have some of my Vortex Wands with me, but in the space where I live right now I have no extra space or noise allowance for a woodworking studio. So I’m focusing on my paintings (including some new ones I’ll post about soon) and trying to approach local shops for both artistic offerings and see what the flow brings me.

Also through my travels and recent experiences, I have reconnected with my poetic voice, as another form of artistic expression. I’ve dug up all of my previous poetry too and re-edited everything to form my first book manuscript, and that continued to deepen the wellspring of new poetic ideas that I’d always meant to write down before. I’m currently approaching publishers with my manuscript as I continue to write more poetry, and in the coming year I intend to share more of it publicly with everyone.

Here’s a poem that I wrote previously about L.A., but I recently edited to reflect our travels away from it and our return to it as well.

Sunset Boulevard Dreams

Once upon a time in America,
We lovers wandered far along the path less taken,
musicians, artists, gypsies skipping on a prayer
with plenty of profound insights to share,
but no where had felt our favored home. 

The city of the iconic angels
called us to its mirror-glossed shores
a fast, exciting concrete city that roars
in a much slower-moving rest of the country that bores. 

We’d heard its siren song before;
the sound carried far and kept pulling us back for more,
to dream of spotlights on flashing screens,
‘This is the platform to the world!’ it screamed. 

Like so many emboldened creatives before,
We threw our sails to the winds of Hollywood’s doors,
did the meet-and-greet, hob-nobbed round the town,
even planted tall palm trees into firm clay ground.

Years went by and the big city beats hustled on,
baking hot records in solid gold desert sun.
We twisted, we turned with internal revolutions,
‘til we left, traversed the nation beyond valley and glen.
Sought remote desert hideouts for relaxation,
only to return to L.A.’s vital pulse, once again! 

Still today we wait here to be discovered,
and again we’ve only just begun. 

We Gypsies, Pt. 2 of 3: Out to the Desert & Vortex Wands

Tiffany in love with Sedona!
Tiffany in love with Sedona!

In the first 2 years after my husband Darius and I moved to Sedona, Arizona, the personal resonance was so strong for both of us. I’d never made so many close friends who were also coming from a deep place of spiritual development, such as I was. I’d also found a more spiritual audience for my increasingly visionary style of artwork, and Darius experienced an abundance of live music venues and a new crowd that appreciated his talents.

Tiffany and husband Darius in Sedona.
Tiffany and husband Darius in Sedona.

[If you don’t know about vortexes, here’s what they’re about: There are scientifically studied lines of energy that run along the earth called leylines. Leylines cross the globe and where they intersect, the energy builds up as a nexus, spirals out across the region and connects back into the leyline network. There’s a vortex in Mt. Shasta, Macchu Picchu, the Pyramids of Giza, and a lot of other sacred sites around the world, and so many in Sedona. You can measure these energies with electronic devices, but the only visible signs are the twisted trees you occasionally find around nearby vortexes.]

It was just after my healing that we moved to Sedona, and for the first time in a long while after my illness I was able to start exercising again, in the form of hiking on the land. I was so happy to connect to the wonderful natural energy of the red rock wonderland around us.

Specifically the twisted vortex wood I found on the side of the paths caught my attention, and I began collecting unique branches. (Please note I would never take a branch from a living tree or bush, but only the ones that were long dead already, and there’s no shortage of those anywhere in the Sedona desert!)

I felt inspired by elemental energy when I got the idea to combine these branches with big crystal points, forming the idea for my next creative endeavor, Vortex Wands! Although I still continued to paint, woodworking these wands became my new obsession, and I spent most of my creative time handcrafting dozens upon dozens of unique magic wands.

Vortex Wand Tertia, on Airport Vortex.
Vortex Wand Tertia, on Airport Vortex.

There is so much love and care that I put into crafting these branches, more so than any other magic wands I’ve seen before. Each one is unique from the next, with it’s own fairy/god/goddess name. I pair them with the highest quality crystal points (often Lemurian Ice Quartz); I use self-intuited woodworking techniques that smooth and polish the raw wood into fine sculptural pieces; I carve out knots and branch holes to stuff them with crystal stones and inlay the grooves of the twists with hand-crushed crystals too. I’ve even crafted some earthy wand displays to show off their beauty better too.

Tiffany charging Vortex Wands, on Bell Rock Vortex.
Tiffany charging Vortex Wands, on Bell Rock Vortex.

I’ve intended for these special pieces to be used for healing, prayer, and enhancing meditation. Crystals have been said to amplify the energy of your intentions, and also provide a range of other, like healing, protection and grounding. I believe that the combination of premium crystals and the wooden branches that hold Vortex energy in them enhances that energetic power.

My previous posts showcases the wands I’ve sold in a series of slideshow videos I made for them, which you can also find on my YouTube channel.

Next I am making a video that showcases the wands I still have in my possession, which have gotten bigger and better!

T.B.C. — Tune in tomorrow for more about our move back to the city & what’s next for me!

West by Southwest Traveling Gypsies, part 1 of 3


Me and our RV at beachside near Ventura, 2014.
Me and our RV at beachside near Ventura, 2014.

It’s been a while since I’ve written in my blog, and I wanted to catch everyone up on the large view of the journey I’ve been on over the course of the last few years.

In 2014 my husband Darius and I to move from Los Angeles go on a tour along the West Coast to promote and spread his musical talents. I considered this a rare opportunity to change our routine, and get away from the hectic buzz of city living.

Back in 2012 I’d developed an extreme digestive illness, after being on a strict vegan diet for 10 years. I began intense health investigations, approaching it from every angle, physically, mentally and emotionally. After we purchased an RV to become our little home on the road, it felt like a safe bubble of healing for me to rest as we traveled in between music gigs.

Me and my husband Darius, during his tour in 2014 in Seattle, WA.
Me and my husband Darius, during his tour in 2014 in Seattle, WA.

Being on the road together had its fun moments for sure, but at the same time I was very lost spiritually and was experiencing so much pain, nausea and discomfort.


Towards the end of our tour in February 2015, I had a miraculous healing experience, the shining answer to my long-awaited prayers!

Here’s one of my favorite paintings I made during that time, created just before, during and after my healing experience, Galactic Starseed Goddess, more info in a previous blog post.

Galactic Starseed Goddess. Original acrylic painting on repurposed plasticized canvas, 24” x 24”, © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Sold.
Galactic Starseed Goddess. Original acrylic painting on repurposed plasticized canvas, 24” x 24”, © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Sold.

I’ve painted several other paintings about my healing and written in more detail about this in several previous blog posts — The Existential Journey of Self-Transformation & The Healing Angel of Empowerment — but for those who want more specific information about my healing process, feel free to reach out to me.

I’ve experience the power of shifting your beliefs, but while continuing to shed old energy, I also spent the next several years healing the last 10% of my residual symptoms on a physical level.

Also I thought it was important to share with everyone that while social media often encourages us to show our best face to the public, nobody but my husband really saw the side of me that suffered so much. I’ve included some before and after photos here too, for a more thorough disclosure.

Sad and sick Tiffany, Dec. 2014
Sad and sick Tiffany, Dec. 2014
Fully healthy Tiffany, Dec. 2017
Fully healthy Tiffany, Dec. 2017

In this first selfie, I was in one of my most miserable moments of despair and physical suffering in Dec. 2014, and the 2nd selfie reflects how happy I felt after I’d grounded more and dissolved the last bits of my ailments in 2016.

Over the course of our travels, my husband and I’d felt more and more drawn drawn to Sedona, Arizona. Every time we went there, it continued to throw abundance our way, and it seemed obvious to us that it was our next home. I had never met so many people who are on the spiritual path, and it seemed like a utopian Mecca for us “far-out” yogis and artists. After the tour wrapped, Darius and I packed up our house in Los Angeles, put it on the market and moved to Sedona.

T.B.C. — Tune in tomorrow for more about life in Sedona & my Vortex Wands…

FINALLY! My Visionary Art Paintings Slideshow


Tiffinity Art Visionary Paintings 2012–2018

FINALLY! I’ve been long overdue to make a new YouTube video of my latest works, as I recently realized the last slideshow I made featuring my body of work was from 2012! I’ve been busy creating in the studio, amongst other things, but it’s time to continue to share on all platforms.

This is a collection of my most recent paintings, including a huge sudden turning point from pure abstraction to visionary art themes via figurative expression, from 2012 through 2018.

Each painting is shown in approximate order of when it was created. You can see how I started with total nonrepresentation, and then began to add stylized figures to communicate my ideas more directly.

Through more figurative expressions of people and scenery, I feel I can convey more emotion and complex themes of healing & personal growth. These are themes that have run through my life and affected me in profound ways, like peace through unity, love for others, meditation for evolution, and becoming your own health miracle!

My hope is that in sharing these visual representations, it becomes a portal of inspiration for others going through similar experiences!

Kindly let me know your favorites in the comments, as how you relate to my art is of great interest.

Please like and subscribe to help me grow my channel!

Pondering the GROUNDSWELL of Evolution

WeTheLiving, oil painting study, 25" x 25" by Tiffany Davis-Rustam

Recently I sold this study above for a major painting I made for an album cover, entitled “We The Living.”

This was a small study painting created for a much larger 5′ painting, (pictured further below) which was used for the cover of Darius Lux’s music album called by the same name “We The Living.” Darius is my very talented husband who writes and sings engaging positive music full of heart and inspiration for the mind and soul.

The sale of this painting study felt like a confirmation from the universe of our combined quests to spread both our music and visual arts! This had me contemplating the painting yet again, and a new meaning for the narrative took shape, yet intrinsically it was always there.

Lately I’ve been pondering the idea of creating “groundswell” in our lives, a somewhat poetic description for the ambition to spread our arts far and wide, reaching a greater number of people. We’ve both been optimistically creating for a while, but without a larger audience for support, our efforts have started to feel fruitless and even pointless at times… It’s like the old adage “If a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to see it, did it happen?” Or what does it matter?

Groundswell is about growth throughout our lives, and most people aim mainly for career success and achievement, yet our intentions are so much more BEYOND that. Certainly lots of attention, notoriety and a financially-supported livelihood can be the proof of connection on a larger level certainly, but our aim is not just to make lots of money.

We wish to share the poetry and vision of our altruistic ideals through our arts, and with the transcendental experience that art can communicate, help to uplift and inspire others in their life journeys, to assist a society that desperately needs more love, personal growth, awareness and connection to our souls. In this way our personal groundswell could lead to further development of a global groundswell of consciousness!

Final painting on the Darius Lux album cover: "We The Living"
Final painting on the Darius Lux album cover: “We The Living”

So in looking at this painting again, I saw that it could be interpreted as a figurative metaphor for the idea of “groundswell”, as the dominant shape of the mountain is a giant arrow pointing upwards, picturing a few visionary individuals dancing and doing their specialties, as all their energy flows together in a circular mass, and up towards the mountaintop and the shining sun! 

That really is what the idea for Darius’ “We The Living” record has always been about, and my art, as well. To inspire each one of us to be our best selves, and with each of our unique efforts, aiming to make our world a better place to live in.

Darius and I definitely dance to the beat of our own drum and it continues to be a colorful life that constantly shifts and evolves. Follow each of us on our journey towards GROUNDSWELL, via our website or social media accounts.

And in your own lives, perhaps somehow you might also find your own way to be a part of the groundswell of the evolution of consciousness on Earth.





Find out more about the final”We The Living” painting and get prints here in my Shop, and also larger canvas prints are available upon request.




Vortex Wands SOLD – Video #2

Sold Vortex Wands VIDEO, Part 2A while back I posted a video showcasing my first batch of Vortex Wands (which have already been sold), and this is the 2nd sold video, showing wands approximately in the order of which they were created.

Please enjoy this little slideshow featuring my high-end magic wands, studded, inlaid and topped with premium crystals! As I get more experienced in making my wands, I’ve found better branches, better crystals, and have been trying out new elements, techniques and materials.

With these last 2 videos I believe I’ve showcased over 50 of my original wands, and still no 2 are the same! I’m working on the 3rd video, which should wrap up all of the wands I’ve sold to date, and then I’ll finally have caught up enough to make videos for wands that are still available.

(I’d like to add that no living trees were harmed to make these magic wands. All branches are taken from dead and often fallen trees and shrubs.)

Rainbow Chakra Dancer

Tiffany_Davis-Rustam-RainbowChakraDancer-Best-MR_2000px-WMLet’s visualize where you want to be from where you are!

My intent behind this painting was to create an image that embodies a representation of the vibrant energy of the human body in full health.

I have had more than my share of health challenges over the past few years, and I know just how frustrating it can be when you’re not feeling well. Often you have a fraction of the energy you normally do to face everyday tasks, and there’s a lot of things in life you have to sacrifice just to commit to the quiet healing process.

The great metaphysical health secret I’ve found over the course of my healing journey is that everything happens energetically before it manifests physically. By that I mean that the easiest healing work is that of changing your beliefs and attitude first, and then the physical symptoms can shift exponentially, even if there’s still some physicality to transform.

When you’re in pain, things seem bleaker than ever before, it can be hard to visualize the health you desire, or even to trust that you’ll ever get better. I started to realize that my main focus should be affirming my intentions to feel good and visualizing my desired outcomes. As I focused on healing myself, I felt I needed extra inspiration to visualize where I wanted to be.

After a bodywork session with my fave practitioner who goes so deep into physicality, I asked him what I could do to help myself physically, and he suggested I create a painting that would help me visualize where I wanted to be, with the energy chakras glowing bright up the body.

And so this painting was born, a dancing female figure leaping up and expressing her ecstatic joy. Her body’s energy centers glow like the vivid colors of the rainbow, and you can see further kinetic reverberations of light weave across each beam of color, exuding a sense of electric vitality!

It’s my wish to everyone that you feel as great as possible, and maybe even better than you realized was possible!

Vortex Wand VIDEO — Sold Wands, Part 1

Sold Vortex Wands VIDEO, Part 1Vortex Wands – Sold, Part 1

Click on this image to see my newest YouTube upload:
Part 1 of my previous SOLD wands, in approximate order of their creation, just to appreciate the beauty

I’ve been busy creating magic wands since I’ve moved to Sedona, but just realized I haven’t posted ANY blog or YouTube posts about it yet, OMG! So I’m just now catching up to video documenting the 60+ wands I’ve created so far, and after the 1st 3 or 4 videos I make we’ll get to the wands that are currently for sale… until they’re gone too!

But I’m always making more… I’m obsessed with woodworking and crystals, and paintings still too!

To see my current selection of wands (or visionary paintings) at any time,  click on the SHOP button of my website to get to my Etsy page.

(I’d like to add that no living trees were harmed to make these magic wands. All branches are taken from dead and often fallen trees and shrubs.)

Enjoy this video &
Blessed Be, my magical viewers!

A Story of Artistic & Personal Growth — via 4 Paintings

Top Left: Upwards Through the Brambles. Top Right: Leap of Faith. Bottom Left: Light Warrior. Bottom Right: The Existential Journey of Self-Transformation. All by Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
Top Left: Upwards Through the Brambles. Top Right: Leap of Faith. Bottom Left: Light Warrior. Bottom Right: The Existential Journey of Self-Transformation. All by Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

I want to tell the story of a process of my personal and artistic evolution via these 4 original paintings of mine here!

These were all created over the span of the last 7 years since I started painting seriously, and you can easily see how the subjects and expressions of these artworks of mine have grown over the years, while telling a story of my growth in life! 💫🌈🎨

🌟 1— TOP LEFT:
The first painting is called Upwards through the Brambles, one of my earlier paintings when I started out with a much more abstract style, very inspired by early Abstract Expressionists Wassily Kandinsky & Franz Marc, with their joyful color use and intuitive understanding of how abstractions mirror the emotions in a dynamically expressive way. Obviously, Cubism was a big inspo too!

Also personally in my life at that time I had recently moved across the country (several times), and with continued spiritual development, was shifting my lifestyle and graphic design career big time, experiencing a lot of confusion and anger along the way. This piece is my closest expression of feeling so many challenging struggles arising repeatedly.

Yet even with this distress, I always envisioned a way out of it, and in this case it’s the idea of that you have to keep striving UP-wards towards the light, because that’s the only worthwhile goal.

Next is Leap of Faith” — a painting that was created as part of a creative exercise to express something I’m not ‘supposed to do,’ according to society’s beliefs at large. This process was inspired by The Artist’s Way book by Julia Cameron. I did 4 other sketches, 1 other which became “Causing a Scene“, but this was the most powerful to me in several ways.

At that time was the scary idea to quit my job as a graphic designer and become a fine artist full-time, a goal which I’d then only just recently dared to dream of, and which would take years to fully achieve.

Artistically by this time I had a big shift, after I realized how I could convey my specific ideas more effectively if there were figures added in my artworks, and all the sudden more people were relating their own lives to them! That’s always been my goal, to inspire people deeply through my art.

Light Warrior visually represents me developing my own personal style further, drawing heavily on influences from futurists like Umberto Boccioni, but infusing it with a more visionary art quality.

This painting embodies the strong passion and determination to develop in the path of a spiritual warrior and transform one’s life with purpose. Here the figure gathers up strength and power to kick his way out of the metaphorical darkness into the light!

Also during this time I was learning better how to let go of my negative emotions and take in more positive inspiration, while spiritually asking for enhanced awareness and evolution by doing a lot of meditation, inner work and affirmations.

Now this last painting, one of my latest ones, The Existential Journey of Self-Transformation, may figuratively echo the scene from the earlier painting above, but as you can see it marks a jump in style that’s more conducive to telling a detailed story.

The entire process of this painting was guided by a short-term mentorship by the amazing visionary artist Michael Divine. Through his teaching, I was guided to explore ways that I could combine my abstract expressions with more figurative details and perspectives, which became a better vehicle to convey the representational ideas of transforming from my deepest pain to my highest joy.

When I started this piece I quit my full-time design job, after I began to experience extreme digestive illness, which continued and increased sharply for 3+ years. This special piece was created to tell the story of my healing, and before it had even begun, I knew the trajectory it must take — for me to heal myself through my own higher self, with an angel or two as an aide.

And you know what? Eventually it happened just that way! About 3 years later, after unturning every stone, I experienced a miraculous BELIEF healing miracle which took me 90% of the way to reclaimed health! I’m still working on the last little physical bit, but that faith healing took me such a long way, and it was such a dramatic shift for me.

Everything I’d studied about spiritual self-empowerment over the years proved itself to be true in just 1 day! We really can heal anything, even our body through the power of our beliefs and thoughts.

So, thanks for following my journey through art here! I aim to elevate the human condition by artistic expression, and hopefully relate to others undergoing similar experiences.

— Follow above text links to learn more about each artwork.
2 of 4 paintings available and prints for all artworks found in my Shop page, leading to Etsy shop.

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