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Join the Festivities at Affair of the Arts

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Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 1.51.00 PM

The 4th AFFAIR OF THE ARTS in Downtown Culver City will be held on Saturday, May 30 and Sunday, May 31, featuring fine and functional art, music, activities for kids. The event’s producers from and The Peace Project believe that “Art Changes People and People Change the World.”

Tiffinity Art and her new scarves will join 60 participating artists from Southern California, including painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramicists, wood workers, glass blowers and jewelry artists. The event will also feature eclectic music from some of LA’s most loved musicians, snacks from popular food trucks, workshops, and glass-blowing demonstrations.

Tiffinity Art scarves, cushion cases and prints will be on sale at Affair of the Arts May 30-31.
Tiffinity Art scarves, cushion cases and prints will be on sale at Affair of the Arts May 30-31.

Tiffany will also be joining her musically-talented husband Darius Lux onstage at 1pm on Saturday, playing flute to accompany his soulful pop vocals and guitar.

In the spirit of creating a better world, a portion of proceeds from the festival will support The Peace Project’s life-changing work which currently includes rebuilding communities in the Philippines, on-going work around mobility in Sierra Leone, Africa, and unity and community building here in Los Angeles in response to the national turmoil caused by police violence.

“For the past four years, we’ve been using the power of’s artists’ community to fuel change through the local and international initiatives of our non-profit, The Peace Project. Affair of the Arts has grown into another powerful way we can bring people in the community together around art and raise awareness of our collective ability to create a more peaceful world.“ shared Lisa Schultz, Founder of The Whole 9 and The Peace Project.

Saturday, May 30, 11am-7pm
Sunday, May 31, 11am-6pm
Admission is free.

Downtown Culver City
9300 Culver Blvd.
next to The Culver Hotel, at Main Street

Culver City’s downtown restaurants and bars including The Culver Hotel, Kay ‘N Dave’s, and The Wallace will be welcoming festival-goers so you can make a day of it in Downtown Culver City.

Where In the World Have I Been? — Part 3

Tiffinity Art Silk Scarves, Left to right: Groundswell of Spring, Spring Symphonia, and Hendrix Voodoo Vibes; Tiffany brings color to the cacti in Arizona, T at her Affair of the Arts booth in Culver City.


Since I’ve been touring on the road with my musical husband this past year, it was important to me to have some of my own painterly wares to bring on our travels. I’ve finally kicked off something I’ve wanted to get into for a long time, and that is creating Tiffinity Art Scarves from my original paintings! So far there are 3 scarf patterns, selected by polling my fans and digitally printed from my original abstract paintings.

Fashionable ladies love to look beautiful and creative, and these colorful silk scarves really accent basic outfits with a ‘notice me’ punch! I proudly wear my signature scarves everywhere I go, and get LOTS of compliments. I sold out of my first two shipments very quickly, and I still haven’t even created a blog post for them yet, but I intend to soon, after I order my next shipment soon.

This is just the first of several art products that I intend to launch. Coming up this year are also:
Tiffinity Tote Bags, Cushion Cases, Dresses, Caftans and even Bikinis! I’ve come to realize that for a lot of us wall art might be a bit of a luxury, but there are all sorts of practical applications can beautify your outfits, carry your belongs, or even spruce up your living room. Please share your feedback, which one of these items would YOU be most interested in personally?

In summary, 2014 was a whirlwind of activities, and though I’ve been extremely active on Facebook and Instagram, I hadn’t blogged for quite a while. As the tides turn for this new year of 2015, I’ve decided to re-embrace doing this blog more often, and also to create more art videos and YouTube vlogs as well, talking more about the ideas behind the art. I feel like it’s time to make my voice heard, and share more of my perspective on art’s importance to our modern world.

MUCH more to come in this year, and I hope you’ll join me virtually on my artistic journey.

Where In the World Have I Been? — Part 2


Left to right: ‘Share Love, Make Peace,’ ‘The Quiet One,’ ‘Mystic Trinity of Smoke Valley’ on salvaged plywood, and a freshly cut tree branch face in Caspar, CA that I was asked to paint.


Now that I’m traveling so much with my husband’s music tour, I don’t get quite as much opportunity to paint as I did before. Yet my soul yearns to paint, and I have completed 3 paintings that I love, and started 2 other intriguing ones recently, plus I’ve been sketching a whole lot more than I ever did before. I plan to post more photos of my drawing process in the next year, as well time lapse painting videos, so you can see how the concept starts out & changes.

Featured here are a few snapshots of my completed paintings since the tour began in June 2014, starting with Share Love, Make Peace, The Quiet Onewhich is anything but quiet. Mystic Trinity of Smoke Valley was done on repurposed plywood that I found at a construction site, which inspired a similar cloaked figure on a freshly-cut tree branch face that I was asked to paint, on some quiet ocean-view land in Caspar, CA that we stayed on. I really enjoyed this new experience of painting on the wood, picking up on it’s naturally-occurring patterns and then turning it into what I see it the grain; to me it feels like the painting almost paints itself.

Share Love, Make Peace was the first painting I did on the road, created for The Whole 9 Gallery’s Peace Project contest, and I sold the original the very next day after finishing it — and for much more than I expected— from a dear new friend we’d met our on NorCal travels! If you’d like to purchase a lovely 12 x 12″ wood panel print of this piece, it’s for sale at The Whole 9 Gallery, and 100% of the profits go to changing lives around the world.

My husband Darius and I have been so impressed by the global relief efforts of The Peace Project, and founder/gallery owner Lisa Schultz, that we’ve also started to donate 10% of our music tour income to their wonderful actions, which has most recently gone towards rebuilding homes for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines. It feels so great to give, knowing that the money is going immediately to help change lives in such big ways.

I welcome hearing your favorites or comments on these new paintings of mine! Which is your favorite?

Tomorrow, Part 3 of 3: Tiffinity Art Scarves & Other Products

Where in the World Have I Been? — Part 1

From left to right: Tiffany with the new/used motorhome; Tiffany playing flute with Darius Lux on tour, pictured here playing for The Peace Project at The Affair of the Arts in Culver City; T & D by the famous Seattle skyline.
From left to right: Tiffany with the new/used motorhome; Tiffany playing flute with Darius Lux on tour, pictured here playing for The Peace Project at The Affair of the Arts in Culver City; T & D by the famous Seattle skyline.

Since I’ve been suspiciously absent from my blog for a little while, I just wanted to take a moment and fill you in on all the news from 2014, which has been a big year. A lot has been happening, so I’m going to talk about this in 3 parts, over the next 3 days.


In June last year I packed up my entire 3-story house and studio in LA, rented it out and joined my husband Darius Lux onto a regional tour. He is a really wonderful musician with inspiring original music, and the time had come to grow his career by taking it on the road, up to Northern California, Oregon, Washington and over to Arizona as well. Two months into the tour our little Prius and new motels every night were exhausting us, so we went all in and got an RV motorhome, which we’ve been happily living in ever since!

It’d be an understatement to say Life touring on the road has been a huge transition, but the RV has made it easier on us, and it’s very exciting to meet new people and share our music and art, and also get in a whole lot of quiet time in nature, when we aren’t gigging.

For this acoustic’ tour, my husband Darius sings and plays guitar, and I’ve pulled out the flute I haven’t played since high school to join the act as well! A well-hidden talent of mine: I used to play the silver flute in band, flute choir, and classical youth symphony, but never did I imagine in the future I’d be playing pop songs with my husband!

Accompanying Darius has given me a great opportunity to develop another facet of my artistry, a musical one. It’s been a surprisingly natural combination, and I think we play together quite well; but make no mistake, Darius is the seasoned musician of the two of us! Here’s a YouTube video of the 2 of us, playing Kiss From a Rose at Axe and Fiddle in Oregon last fall. Subscribe to the Darius Lux YouTube channel for more TBA videos, or join the email list to be notified about gigs near you.

To hear more about our musical and artistic travels and adventures, you can follow along on Instagram for the most frequent posts: @TiffinityArt and @DariusLuxMusic

Part 2 of 3 Tomorrow: More about my newest paintings!

Inspiring ‘Road to California’ Quilt Show

A few weekends ago on January 26th,  I had the surprising pleasure of attending the ‘Road to California’ Quilt Show in Ontario, California. I never thought I would be the type of person to go to a quilt show, as my previous judgement of them was akin to “Grandma’s traditional quilted blanket”. Little did I realize how much of a fine art bent quilting is showcasing lately!

Recently I had the pleasure of being introduced to the textile art scene by artist Sheila Frampton Cooper, whose stunning abstracts quilts immediately smashed any precognitions I’d had about fabric art. She told me about this show, and about how much generous support and accolades she’s received from the quilting community.

I’ve started the slideshow here with Sheila’s joyous abstracts: I may have been biased because seeing her work to begin with got me to the show itself, but her’s was my favorite piece. Bursting with exciting jostling shapes that burst out singing loud with vibrating colors, this piece reflects upon a rich inner world of meaning and movement. Next you see her in front of the exciting exhibition she personally curated, featuring a bevvy of cutting-edge quilts that all reflected the theme of “Maps” or places seen from above.

Before I stepped into the show I was expecting mainly the traditional symmetrical quilts, and there was a lot of that too, but in many of the curated quilt exhibits, I was continually blown away at the quality and depth of work I saw there. There was quite a lot of very artistic stylized, picturesque, and abstract art molded into fabric form, often appearing as a new fusion of painting + quilting.

Above are all of my very favorite quilts that elevated the traditional quilt medium into the arena of high art. A lot of these quilts and many more like them won totals of  $1000s in prize money. I found this personally very inspiring & even bought a sewing machine so I can try my hand at it myself!

So take a look at these and and get your mind stretched today.
Opinions always welcome!


Best of LA Art Show 2013

It’s that time of year again: LA Art Show 2013 came and went last week. I’ve been attending for the past 3 consecutive years and I always enjoy it immensely. Though this year is no exception, I have to be impartial and say that it did lose a bit of the breadth and scope of some of the last few years.

I especially missed the huge variety of sculptures & interactive pieces they displayed in the past, as well as several curiously-absent artistic styles, like pop-surrealism and visionary art. Yet, there’s still amazing artwork to be seen at LA Art Show and always will be, even just due to the sheer size and number of participating galleries from around the world.

As always I will select my favorite paintings here in the slideshow above, but here’s my very favorites out of these:

My favorite historical works shown include Hans Burkhardt,  Pablo Picasso charcoals, and Claire Falkenstein paintings & sculptures (exhibited by the Jack Rutberg gallery from Los Angeles), plus a few rare drawings and prints by Salvador Dali, and Mark Chagall, Francis Bacon, Roberto Matta and Joan Miro, shown at various booths.

As far as interesting new artists go, my highlights of the show would have to be the mixed-media artworks of Huang Cheng-Yuan from the King Gallery in Toyko, China. His paintings are unique blends of figurative form and expressive abstracted technique which channel passionate emotion and create intriguing ambiguous textures and scenarios.

At the show last year I discovered the Neo-Cubist paintings, by artist Yuroz, exhibiting with Murloge gallery. To my delight his work was here again, and I got to meet the artist too. He has the most incredible neo-cubist paintings I’ve ever seen, with very vivid bright juicy colors and dancing compositons of recurrent themes of love and abundance, peace and prosperity.

This year Yuroz debuted a new development in his work: bas-relief sculpture paintings. He’s assembled multiple layers of wooden constructs that pop out of the frame in multiple levels, like the painting is coming to life! This mark of brilliance astounded my mind, as this guy continues to just push the boundaries each time and really has revived Cubism back to life for the 21st-century.

Another yearly favorite of mine is Tony Abeyto’s paintings. Every year he captivates my imagination with his Cubist rays of light beaming down through puffy clouds onto landscapes with rolling hills, and pueblo villages. Also, his more recent works harken the tribal traditions of the Native American culture and display them in a very Neo-Cubist interpretation.

My favorite gallery represented as a while was the BOA gallery from Beverly Hills, California, who had some really exciting abstract expressionist pieces. What I like about their take on contemporary style was their selection of works that were intellectually complex and yet spiritually joyful colors.

Top favorites? The 2 Hans Burkhardt paintings from Jack Rutberg Gallery, the palette knife painting by Françoise Nielly, and Dream Freefall No. 1, by Dorian Vallejo, shown by the Arcadia Gallery.

Let me know what you think, as I always like to hear others’ opinions too!

Local Art with a Side of Bacon

Last weekend I showed my paintings at January’s Bacon Social event in downtown LA. In a converted warehouse space popped up 20 artists, several local bands, and plenty of bacon any which way you wanted it!

Until recently I’d been a vegetarian for 10 years, but now that I’m eating meat again I thought it would be fun to do an event that had plenty of bacon! Indeed it was a fun event and it was really darn tasty bacon too: bourbon-glazed premium strips, BLTs, bacon mac and cheese, bacon chocolate cupcakes, maple bacon candy, bacon any which way you wanted it, including bacon-flavored vodka!

Enough about bacon though, let’s talk about the art. I myself pulled out a lot of new, smaller, and also less exposed paintings that have been hiding in my studio for a while, and generated a good amount of  interest. I particularly love hearing people’s different interpretations of my work; in abstract art like mine, there is so much fun one’s imagination can have!

I enjoyed meeting lots of interesting new artists, in particular those I am picturing here in my photo album. My personal favorites included painter Jan Zoya, painter Jimmy Williams, illustrator Madnaloy, illustrator Justin Piccari, and photographer Summer Evans. It was also great to see my new painter friend Carlos Nieotos III again.

I felt particular artist artistic kinship with abstract painter Jan Zoya. Her explorative abstractions really gave me pause to daydream, with very interesting hints of colorful shapes and lines floating around in an almost dreamlike transparencies.

Also, you can easily see why I personally would be drawn to Jimmy Williams‘ paintings. His uber bright contemporary pop works sung in psychedelic juxtapositions of color. The highly stylized interpretations of human life and culture were so playfully joyous that it almost made me want to dance.

Carlos Nietos III  never fails to impress everyone in the room, with his masterly romantic interpretations of Dios de los Meurtos portraits that he is known for. DDLM paintings often abound in downtown LA, but after you see the quality of what he does, it ruins you for all others, really. Also he showed his range of talents by doing a live portrait sketch on the spot and then jamming on the bass guitar in one of the featured local rock bands: Harmful if Swallowed. His band rocks hard and dirty, but he’s not fooling me, he’s still one of the nicer artists you’ll ever meet!

Please check out all my other top picks in the gallery above, and let me know what you like.

There are monthly Bacon Social events like this, so if you want to attend, just follow them for more information.

Tales of the Tarot Show

The Hive Gallery in downtown Los angeles had their annual Tarot Show last Saturday night.

I always like the theme of this show, and seeing how various artists created their own versions of selected Tarot cards. The Hive always has a wide variety of figurative works, and here I’m showing my own personal favorites as I’m want to do!

My highlights, as pictured above, include the vivid antics of Stephen Holman’s “The Magician,” the subtle mastery of Alan Kocharian’s “The Tower,” and my new friend Jaime Fortunato Jiminez, and his “Queen of Wands.” The latter of whom goes by Psycho James, is perhaps the nicest “psychopath” I’ve ever met, and he is one of the original Pop Surrealists of LA. He told me that he researched the meaning of this card, and included all the historical details he could, which I feel really made his piece stand out authentically, together with his obvious talent.

Also featured at the show were McEvoy & Rodriguez, and I included one of the most memorable pieces here, as the last picture in the roll.

What’s YOUR favorite/s?


The Best of LAAA’s Open Show 2012

December 1st was the opening of the 2012 LAAA Open Show, held at Gallery 825. It was a mixed bag, as large group shows can be, with some stunning pieces and some that really make you scratch your head. As always, I’m presenting my own personal favorite artworks from that show.

My highlights included local Arroyo Arts Collective member Jeanie Frias with her black canvas painting, and Philippe Chambon, an exciting contemporary expressionist painter from Palm Springs, and no one could forget the surreal  trompe l’oeil elephant, by Cory Sewelson. I didn’t get all the names, but if you’re interested, visit Gallery 825 in West Los Angeles.

What’s your favorite work here?

My Fun-House: Arroyo Arts Discovery Tour!

The annual Arroyo Arts Discovery Tour celebrated it’s 20th year last weekend, and I my first time being a part of it.

On Sunday November 18th, over 100 artists gathered into 60 tour stops here in Northeast LA’s Arroyo Seco neighborhood. Between 100-200 people stopped by my house to check out the art, and it was fun to meet a bunch of new people and introduce them to my art.


I’ve had gallery shows before, and I’ve held my own pop-up exhibition too, but it’s always been a closely edited selection of paintings. Never before had I shown ALL of my paintings before, from my signature style of complex abstracts to my more experimental works that meditate on nature or texture, everything I’ve ever painted was on display and for sale.

It gave me great joy to see everything I’d worked on over the past 3 short, but productive years. The people I mentioned that timeline to were very surprised to hear I’d been painting for only 3 years, and quite frankly, so was I! I surprise myself even, I really don’t know where it comes from, but once the paintbrush found my hand I’ve been obsessed ever since, and I’m just overflowing with more and more ideas.

My prints and my new notecard stationary were especially popular at the tour. Some people said they were going to send them, some were gifting them for holiday presents, and some collected art cards and were going to frame them for their own walls. It’s interesting to see the variety of uses, as this is perhaps the first show I’ve displayed smaller paintings and prints at before. In the past, some people have suggested I paint bigger and bigger paintings, but I’m learning that the average but avid collectors don’t have that much free space on their walls, so they are looking for smaller gems to feature instead.

So what I’ve learned for the future is to create more smaller paintings for these art tours and trade shows, alongside the larger paintings that make my spirit soar, and are generally more in demand from galleries.

For now I’ve got plenty of prints and notecard options available online at my Fine Art America store, with originals and small prints at my Etsy store. I’m getting ready to post holiday sales on selected paintings, just in time for the holidays, and stay tuned for listings for my new Abstract, Dancers, and Angel notecard sets, as pictured below.

To see more artists from the Arroyo Arts Discovery Tour, you can still visit the AAC website and browse the other local members.