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Painting Creation: Light Warrior

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Here’s a little slideshow I made, featuring my one of my neo-cubist paintings, “Light Warrior.” It shows this painting being created in stages, so you can see part of my process from start to finish.

For more information about inspiration about the painting itself, see my earlier blog post about “Light Warrior.”

This painting was sold before the paint was dry, but prints are still available. Contact me for large prints, and 11 x 14″ Light Warrior prints are in my Etsy shop.

Painting Creation Video: The Groundswell of Spring

The process of watching a painting being created live can be so fascinating! It begins with a brush making its first mark onto a bare white canvas, and gradually with each new stroke, you watch it magically take form bit by bit, before your very eyes.

This is a time lapse video of me creating my original abstract oil painting “Groundswell of Spring.” Many hours on the canvas are condensed down into 1 short film for you to enjoy this organic live painting process of mine.

I started painting this without a plan or sketch, and as I painted I was constantly listening to a lot of Enya’s music, which inspires thoughts of angelic love and fairies in nature. As the painting emerged into flowing feminine forms, I felt it illustrated the magic of nature as it renews the birth of springtime in nature, hence the name “Groundswell of Spring.”

Abstract paintings are less about thinking and more about FEELING, which connects us to our humanity. My hope for this abstract expressionist painting of mine is that it bring joyful feelings of peace and love into one’s living space, and inspire one to gracefully flow into the new beginnings of each day.

To purchase the original painting or prints, visit my Etsy shop.

An Intuitive Painting Mother-Daughter Collaboration

This video features a fascinating painting collaboration of mother and daughter,  featuring Ruth Oosterman and her 3-year-old daughter, Eve Oosterman.

Eve draws her intuitive lines quickly, and then mother Ruth fills it in and expands upon it with watercolor, imaginatively creates forms where only mere suggestions once were. It’s touching to see how this very abstracted expression turns into tangible forms that you can recognize, and still the free spirited attitude of the child is still integrated.

Seeing this free-flowing process invokes an echo of expression with me and some of the intuitive techniques I use to make art. Creating art in a spontaneous free-flowing way is one of my favorite methods, and I’d like to also teach others how to do it as well.

When you feel how mentally freeing it can be to make art spontaneously, it removes one of the biggest obstacles to creation, which is the pressure to perform perfectly and make a masterpiece. Instead of asking oneself, “Did I draw that apple as realistic as possible,” I like to see how the emotional expression of feelings I’m going through on the inside comes out in painted form.

Abstraction is the easiest and fastest way to explore creation in general. While realism is more about a left-brained recreation of reality, non-representational art is right-brained and innately more spiritual, expressing the intangible that must be interpreted through the emotions.

I’ll be showing more about my intuitive painting process and offering classes and private lessons in my upcoming posts.

Healing with the Violet Flame

Purification of the Violet Flame, acrylic paint on canvas, 12" x 18," © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
Behold the Violet Flame, acrylic paint on canvas, 12″ x 16,” © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

I painted this new painting in honor of the Violet Flame of the legendary Saint Germain. The healing power of this ethereal fire has been spreading around through spiritual teachings and I use it a lot to help clear my path from obstacles.

What I do is just think of the Violet Flame and mentally put all of your worries into there—all of your fears, all of your anger, rage, pain and worries. The idea is to just release it into the Violet Flame, and it will then dissolve and transmute your pain, leaving you with a purified peace of mind.

I can feel the benefits this practice, yet still there was a little bit of a mental block for me because I have never actually seen a violet flame, (as that is not something we generally have here on 3D earth) so I decided that I would paint it from my imagination and then I would know what it looks like.

My intent for this painting is to use it with devotional prayer to help me visualize this process. I hope it helps you too, because life can be filled with many disheartening things and we need a way to release the drama that holds us back, and move on into ease and joy.

I’d love to hear your own experiences in visualizing the violet flame’s healing power. Please feel free to comment.

Behold the Violet Flame. 12″ x 16,” acrylic on canvas, © 2015, Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Original painting available here in my Etsy shop. Prints available through pre-order temporarily.

Trifecta Confections

Trifecta Confections. Original oil painting on canvas, 9” x12”, © 2013 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
Trifecta Confections. Original oil painting on canvas, 9” x12”, © 2013 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

Dare you believe it is what you think it is?

Yes! This painting is the ultimate expression of the divine feminine sensuality, to the magical power of 3! Three is a sacred number in many cultures, and it certainly shows strength in numbers here.

The female anatomy is celebrated here with a sacred reverence, expressed like a blooming flower, or a perfect candy-coated confection. I feel we should be honest about our sexuality, because in truth we are all sexual beings, and conscious use of this intimate union brings us closer to our own soul power.

A woman’s vagina is the entrance through which all beings enter through, and a source of love and pleasure for a woman and those who love her.

As a woman myself, I believe we should embrace the divinity of our sexual natures, and treat our body as a temple… only those who respect and nurture our ENTIRE beings deserve to be “let inside the gates” of our special place, and partake of the candy!

This small little painting was done on flat canvas, and is framed nicely in a white wooden frame.

Original and prints available on my Etsy shop.

Share Love, Make Peace

Share Love, Make Peace. Original oil painting on canvas, 10” x 10”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Original SOLD, prints only.
Share Love, Make Peace. Original oil painting on canvas, 10” x 10”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Original SOLD, prints only.

This painting was created for The Peace Project’s annual call for artistic “Visions of Peace.” The mission was to create my own unique interpretation to their 2014 theme “Peace Starts Here.”

So in creating my Vision of Peace, I started with drawing on my own my personal experience I’ve felt the most peaceful when I feel LOVED. I’ve also experienced the life-changing power of yoga, and this piece draws on the beautiful mirrored reflection of partner yoga, which can inspire feelings of sacred union between people.

Here in this painting, two yoginis face each other, share love between them, and from that healing experience of love, the brilliant light of peace is powerfully emanated outwards. I believe that energy with this sort of positive charge can benefit others around the world in ways unseen, through the power of prayer.

The more love we share, the more peace will grow, and perhaps one day heal the world.

Interestingly, the original painting was purchased the very next day after it’s creation, to the first person who saw it! Luckily, archival prints are still available here at my Etsy shop.


To purchase a 12″ x 12″ wood panel print of this painting, visit my listing on The Whole 9 Gallery Peace Shop. Artists such as myself are donating all proceeds of these peace panels to The Peace Project, which is currently building new homes for Typhoon Haiyan victims in the Philippines.

Malibu Rainbow Sunset


As I’ve been going through my archives I’ve found a bunch paintings that I finished a while ago, yet never blogged about, or even posted for sale! Here’s a good one that may surprise you…

Is there perhaps nothing in nature quite as universally lovely as a sunset on the beach? As I always say, “The best show of the day is starting!”

Still I have to admit, as beautiful as it is, I often think “It could be MORE wondrous than this!” My vision was to forgo the dark shadows of the sunset, and instead marry the ethereal colors of dusk with the bright light of the midday sun.

Sitting on a beach in Malibu, I made this sketch as the sun went down behind the mountains. I also imagined how magical it would be if there were a rainbow arching right around the sun. And when reality fails to deliver such daydreams, it’s my pleasure to imagine them for the rest of us.

Also I tried something new here, mixing sand from that very same beach in Malibu into my oil paints. This adds a depth of texture that truly brings the beach right to you, and which you can’t help but want to touch in person.

Original available here in my Etsy store.

Mystic Trinity of Smoke Valley

Mystic Trinity of Smoke Valley, Original oil painting on salvaged plywood, 17” x 24”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
Mystic Trinity of Smoke Valley, Original oil painting on salvaged plywood, 17” x 24”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

Once upon a construction trash heap, I saw this mystical painting appear to me in the grain of the wood, and creating it was simply a process of revealing its hidden magic…

I just love repurposing discarded items into expressive art, especially when it whispers a secret picture to me! There were 3 distinct knots in the surface of this plywood which looked liked heads, and in the organic undulations of the wood grain surrounding them, I could also envision the hoods and robes that envelope them. Much of what you see in the top half of the painting is me echoing the pattern of the wood, continuing into the flowing movements of their robes. 

I’ve always been drawn to the ‘Three Graces’ of Greek mythology, specifically known as: Aglaea (“Splendor”), Euphrosyne (“Mirth”), and Thalia (“Good Cheer.”) Most famously in the paintings of Boticelli, Raphael, and Rubens, you find them dancing around in joyous circles, but my take on them here is quite different.

I’ve re-interpreted these Three Graces as mystic spirits that emerge from the shadows of time, revealing their inner light glowing from within to those who reflect their qualities in their own spirit.

Original and prints available here in my Etsy store.

New Painting: The Quiet One

The Quiet One. Original oil painting on canvas, 16” x 20”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
The Quiet One. Original oil painting on canvas, 16” x 20”, © 2014 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

Often people assume that just because another person is quiet it means they don’t have anything to say. In my experience, sometimes that is true and sometimes it is not. There are a lot of reasons people don’t share as much compared to others, or around certain other people.

More often than not I find myself to be that quiet one at talka

tive table, and I’m here to tell you that there is often a lot more going on inside my mind than I usually feel I can say out loud… hence this painting pays tribute to the adage “still waters run deep.”

The lone person here stands on a quiet hilltop with a peaceful blue sky that looks like nothing out of the ordinary. Yet we can see his thoughts take shape in a luminous cloud of explosive color and dynamic shapes:

Starting from a few red dots at the bottom, a rainbow of myriad thoughts branch off into a raucous symphony of patterns, beginning with more sharp and rigid conflicts, being softened and healed by more organic shapes. A river of white light flows through everything, as the metaphoric thoughts merge and climb up a ladder, following a heart towards lofty temple doors, as if perhaps escalating upwards to heaven and the origin of creative thought.

Yet still, all the others may see is the quiet one standing alone. Perhaps one day someone will ask what he’s thinking about…

Painting & prints available for purchase here on my Etsy shop.


We The Living: Darius Lux Album Art

We The Living. 52" x 52", © 2013 Tiffany Davis-Rustam, created for the Darius Lux music album, We The Living, released July 2013.
We The Living. 52″ x 52″, © 2013 Tiffany Davis-Rustam, created for the Darius Lux music album, We The Living, released July 2013.

I’m so excited about this painting! This We The Living concept originated as a cover for my husband’s newly-released music album release, Darius Lux: We The Living, 2013.

Darius intends the songs in this album to empower people as individuals, and furthermore to encourage them to embody the changes they are looking to see in our world. To follow their passions, and help others while doing it!

Here in my painting these energetic beings are suspended in spheric orbs of brilliant white light, harnessing the light of the sun and swooping down over the hills to bringing abundance and knowledge to all people of the earth down below, represented by transparent spheres of light, bubbling within the arch of a giant red arena.

The dynamic cubist divisions greatly enhance the light beaming from the left corner, and spreads a rainbow of rippling color across the mountaintops, from left to right. A blend of abstract expressionism and cubist surrealism celebrates joyful outer expansion through inner experience.

Fine art print of oil painting on archival paper, 11″ x 11″, available on Etsy.
Different size printing options available upon request, or at Fine Art America.
Original 52″ x 52″ painting available on Etsy, upon request.

Art & Music Combo Package available on the Darius Lux website.

My painting for the Darius Lux album cover: "We The Living"
My painting for the Darius Lux album cover: “We The Living”