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FINALLY! My Visionary Art Paintings Slideshow

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Tiffinity Art Visionary Paintings 2012–2018

FINALLY! I’ve been long overdue to make a new YouTube video of my latest works, as I recently realized the last slideshow I made featuring my body of work was from 2012! I’ve been busy creating in the studio, amongst other things, but it’s time to continue to share on all platforms.

This is a collection of my most recent paintings, including a huge sudden turning point from pure abstraction to visionary art themes via figurative expression, from 2012 through 2018.

Each painting is shown in approximate order of when it was created. You can see how I started with total nonrepresentation, and then began to add stylized figures to communicate my ideas more directly.

Through more figurative expressions of people and scenery, I feel I can convey more emotion and complex themes of healing & personal growth. These are themes that have run through my life and affected me in profound ways, like peace through unity, love for others, meditation for evolution, and becoming your own health miracle!

My hope is that in sharing these visual representations, it becomes a portal of inspiration for others going through similar experiences!

Kindly let me know your favorites in the comments, as how you relate to my art is of great interest.

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Memories of Stardust

Memories of Stardust. Original oil painting on canvas, 18” x 36”, © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.
Memories of Stardust. Original oil painting on canvas, 18” x 36”, © 2015 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

For stargazers, dreamers and cosmonauts, this painting is like interstellar exploration!

When the human eye looks up to space, I believe it’s looking for connections to a more expansive concept of reality. I personally can’t look up to the stars without wondering, and looking for shapes.

So while creating this painting, I decided to invoke one’s imagination more, and turn the nebulous mists of the Orion galaxy into ethereal visions of the invisible realm.

There are a bevvy of mysterious shapes hidden in the stardust, like angels and mystical animals, and I invite you to explore this interstellar space and see what forms you can identify. It’s like imagining shapes for clouds on a bright sunny day, only these are nebulas in deep space.

Original painting and standard-sized print available on my Etsy shop.

When Freedom Comes: Painting & Poem

When Freedom Comes. Original oil painting on canvas, 27“ x 30“, © 2012 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

When Freedom Comes.
Painting and Poem by Tiffany 

I know not how a light appears
in such a deeply velvet blackness,
but it did, and always will.

It starts as tiny as a fairy’s wing,
whispering memories of truth
and grows into a lightbulb ring
humming into ears during elusive sleeps of youth
indignity stirs within,
you sense a shroud pulled over eyes

Through the head in time there grows a rising symphony
The tender hearts awaited a joyous dance
while bodies are shackled to weighted clocks,
they force your hand to their machines
holding us down in darkness
while the sun shines its promise outside.

Them who have drawn the the blinds on truth,
have set us into endless race of time for dollars
to put the shoes and house and all our feet
Fining all who dare to step out of imaginary lines.

It’s said that we were made for greater things
than those tiny prison cells.

Out there
diamond suns beam from grassy mountains down below
bringing cloaked mysteries to crystal lakes of
clarity for all to see.

When the first spotlight shines in,
When freedom comes,
we shall all have a right to live for ourselves.
When freedom comes,
We will all sing and dance in sunbeams.
When freedom comes
there will truly be life with liberty
and the pursuit of happiness
for you and for me.


The painting When Freedom Comes was painted on repurposed plywood salvaged from a theatre production, with a gritty texture of sand mixed in for texture on the black bars.

Here’s the purchase link to the painting and prints on Etsy.

Embracing Angelic Feminine Sensuality

Angelic Petals. Original oil painting on repurposed wood, 7.25” x 9.25”, © 2012 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

If you’re like most people, this painting will have an instant reaction—whoa!

Many of my paintings are inspired by very organic natural floral shapes, like Moonflower Magic  and some people say they look like vaginas!  In the past I never intended that — I take the Georgia O’Keefe defense — it’s just the symmetry of nature, which often reminds us of  sensual human shapes too.

But, since I heard this so much I decided to embrace it, and I thought I’d actually try to make a”V” painting on purpose. Innately, it was never a far jump for me to honor the beauty of the female anatomy, as I pointed out. While I was painting a little hidden image emerged in the middle, which appears to be an angel with wings standing on her tiptoes! I love the added intrigue of hidden images, and this one adds an air of sacred reverence to the subject matter.

I’m really happy with the way that it turned out, and I’ll not be bashful about what this represents either! Always interested to hear your thoughts out there.

Original painting is available here in my Etsy shop and prints available here in my Fine Art America shop.

‘Tis the Season… for Holiday Cards!

It’s Christmas time again and this time I’m finally ready with holiday notecards!

My angel notecards feature my surreal painting Lighting the Dark, depicting a peace angel scooping up the blackness in the world and shining a brilliant arc of light over the world. It’s the perfect kind of holiday card that’s both celebratory of this time of year and non-religious, so you can send it to people of any faith. They’ll also make a great gift for your favorite Angel collector.

A dozen cards and envelopes measuring about 5 inches square are packaged in a plastic box and topped with a silver elastic string. These blank note cards are the perfect size for writing short notes for your holiday cards.

Angel Notecards available here.

Here’s more information on the original painting, which is still available, as are prints.

Angel of Peace Lights the Way

Lighting The Dark. Original oil painting on canvas, 20” x 20” ©2011 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

Who doesn’t want more peace in their life?

Unfortunately, this world isn’t perfect yet, and there’s still a lot of pain in everyone’s lives, whether you’re affected by war or by personal suffering. I created this peace-keeping angel to help inspire us all in dark times. She is gracefully sweeping away all the pain and blackness, and spreading a big arc of light and love. May it uplift you to do the same!

Original painting available on Etsy, prints available upon request.