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Painting Creation Video: The Groundswell of Spring

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The process of watching a painting being created live can be so fascinating! It begins with a brush making its first mark onto a bare white canvas, and gradually with each new stroke, you watch it magically take form bit by bit, before your very eyes.

This is a time lapse video of me creating my original abstract oil painting “Groundswell of Spring.” Many hours on the canvas are condensed down into 1 short film for you to enjoy this organic live painting process of mine.

I started painting this without a plan or sketch, and as I painted I was constantly listening to a lot of Enya’s music, which inspires thoughts of angelic love and fairies in nature. As the painting emerged into flowing feminine forms, I felt it illustrated the magic of nature as it renews the birth of springtime in nature, hence the name “Groundswell of Spring.”

Abstract paintings are less about thinking and more about FEELING, which connects us to our humanity. My hope for this abstract expressionist painting of mine is that it bring joyful feelings of peace and love into one’s living space, and inspire one to gracefully flow into the new beginnings of each day.

To purchase the original painting or prints, visit my Etsy shop.

Inspiration: Exciting Expressionist Franz Marc


Deer in a Monastery Garden, Franz Marc
Deer in a Monastery Garden, Franz Marc, 1912

Previously I’ve posted about Kandinsky being a pioneer completely abstract art. Well, one of his best friends was this guy Franz Marc, and together they introduced a whole new movement of art, through Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Horsemen) almanac and collections.

I get so excited looking at the evolution of Marc’s work, as he started to re-imagine the cubist grid into these complex and increasingly abstract compositions that bring the viewer inside the spiritual energy of the moment. Remember, this was around 1910, and never before had the art world seen such intensely vivid colors and abstracted form as he and the rest of the Expressionists used. The combination of colors, and their dynamic interweaving shapes gives a unique EXPRESSION of the moment that both enlivens and inspires me to dream and reach higher.


Can’t Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart

Can't Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart.
Can't Stop the Beat of a Wild Heart. Original oil painting on canvas, 30" x 40", © 2011 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

You just can’t make too many demands of a wild heart; it will follow it’s own rhythm to the ends of the earth. This painting is completely abstract and spontaneous in it’s origin, inspired heavily by the nonobjective art of Kandinsky, Franz Marc, and a host of Expressionist painters. Still as I explored this painting further, the image of a human heart appeared to be throbbing there on the canvas, with the sharp triangular points appearing at the sides to stab it, and long strips of ribbons trying to cover and contain it.

The analogy whispers to me that a very passionately creative free spirit (such as myself, of course) is not as receptive in dealing with the demands of a traditional society, with it’s overrule of practicality and constrictions. You can’t stop wild horses, and if you do, you’ve killed a very beautiful spirit of nature.

Best to let the wild hearts run free, so that they can share the beauty and insight that helps uplift the world.

Perseverance Through the Fire

Upwards Through The Brambles
Upwards Through The Brambles. 20" x 24", © 2011 Tiffany Davis-Rustam.

Do you ever feel like you often struggle through obstacles, only to be met by more of them?

When I sat down to make this painting, I was definitely feeling the suffering of many ordeals. Sometimes is seems like as soon as you make it past one hard challenge, another comes your way to test you some more. Well, I feel that if you stay strong, passionate and work hard towards making yourself and your life better, you can climb upwards through all those thornbushes that block your way, towards the light of a better reality.

Watch a video slideshow of Upwards Through the Brambles, showing my creation of this painting from start to finish.

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