I aim to express an exuberance for life, through dynamic forms and vivid saturated colors, inspired by the coexistence of nature and humanity. With so much of our everyday existence seeming tedious, I am moved to construct magical, utopian fantasies to inspire myself and others.

I'm fascinated by the psychological experience as we struggle towards attaining a life in bloom. Key to my own development is "transformation", the journey through dark and growth towards personal triumph. This recurring theme is explored in a myriad of ways, sometimes through a realistic or even surrealistic study of natural forms. Often referenced are flowers and plants, whose vividly saturated hues appear to glow, illuminating the radiance of life’s energy. Geometric patterns of nature are mirrored, transforming the earthly element into otherworldly visions.

Progressively, I've been abstracting figurative forms to be only somewhat recognizable, so that one can partially identify the subjects, still I take it to a more ambiguous place where it can be openly interpreted. A few other paintings are technically non-representational, yet they still embody the dynamic transformative movements. Aside from varying degrees of abstraction in form, I feel all of my paintings address my passion for the elevation of the human condition through nature.
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21 Artists to watch in 2013
Review by Skinny Artist

"There are many visual artists who prefer a limited or muted palette of colors in their artwork… Tiffany is not one of them. Her artwork is this exquisite color explosion of abstract form and shape that slowly wraps itself around your subconscious like Freudian boa constrictor.  It's as if you are a suddenly participant in a spectacularly colorful Rorschach inkblot experiment where things are not always what they may seem at first blush.  Then again sometimes a flower is simply a flower.

I quickly became a fan of Tiffany's artwork after seeing several of her abstract pieces such as Light Warrior  and Elemental Goddess making the rounds on Facebook.  Her color combinations are often as unusual as they are beautiful.  The bold saturated colors shine with an energy and vibrance that is perhaps only surpassed by the artist's own radiant personality.  If you're not already following Tiffany on Twitter, I can tell you that you are missing out because all of that incredible energy that is captured in her artwork, is just a small portion of the positive energy that Tiffany has to share. I've been around Twitter long enough to know that there are very few artists out there who are as kind and generous with their time encouraging other artists online.

Tiffany is clearly a extraordinarily gifted artist whose work enchants the eye as much as it captivates the mind, which is why she will certainly be an artist to watch in 2013."