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How Nude of Me!

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nude torso sketch on paper
nude torso sketch on paper, Tiffany Davis-Rustam

So the moment has finally come that I decided to paint my first nude! What took me so long?

Isn’t the female body so beauty-full? Here’s my first sketch for my new painting, studied from a photograph, with some artistic interpretation of course! In my opinion nude paintings have been done over and over in a realistic way, and it’s my aim to make it fresh in a new light. And no, it’s not my body, if you’re wondering!

nude torso sketch on canvas
nude torso sketch on canvas, Tiffany Davis-Rustam, 2011

And here’s the simplified drawing on canvas. I’d already worked out some value shading on the first paper sketch, so here the idea is just to get the shape down before I start painting.

I’ve started the painting process already, experimenting with an unexpectedly vivacious palette with hot pink, purples and green. You’ll just have to wait and see the end results…

I know I’ve posted a lot of in progress things lately; it’s because I don’t have the time to organize and post my already finished paintings, but there’ll be more soon, stay tuned!

Elemental Goddess Drawing

Goddess of Elements. Tiffany Davis-Rustam, colored pencil drawing, 2008.

Supernatural dancing goddesses with multiple arms and legs, and cave walls oozing of pulsing magma is the kind of fantasies that haunt my wildest imagination.

It’s funny, when I drew this I wasn’t even thinking of making anything pointedly unusual. Seemed just natural for me to embellish this spritely female fairy with a divine energy, and then to make some interesting bits of nothing interact with her.

All done in colored pencil. Thinking of making it into a painting soon… what do YOU think? Comments welcome.