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If you’d like to contact me personally for any reason, you can email me at:

OR fill out the contact form below for more information, or to be put on the email list for big news or shows.

2 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Tiffany. Melissa sent me your website. So well done! I can see that Sedona is the perfect place for you. I especially liked your scarves. Very beautiful! Regards, Sherry Makela a.k.a. Melissa’s MOM

  2. Hello Tiffinity,
    My name is Kathleen Davis.
    I’m in the process of of developing my Holistic Clicks on-line business and found your Galactic Starseed Goddess ♥. I was wondering if you would be willing to let me use your beautiful piece of art for my Holistic Clicks (Personal Branding) Logo.

    Holistic Clicks will be (9) catagory Affiliate Vendor Home for Artists, Healers, Light Workers, Earth Conscious Vendors, Awakened Social Outlets / Support Forums for the StarSeeds/ old souls etc…and more. There are 7 indicated chakra’s but 9 is God’s Holistic number thus 9 Catagories, will house the approved Holistic Vendor’s and Artists.

    Tiffinity, in-turn I will do all the social media for the Holistic Clicks (Social Media Certified in May 2016, through Splash Media U), and I would Love if you would allow me to put Holistic Clicks at the bottom of the Galactic Goddess.
    In return I would be more than happy to list you at the top of my Holistic Artists Catagory and grow you artwork business through this Vendor, Membership, and Affiliate forum currently being created.
    I hope you understand this is a serious offer, but please also understand my business is on the Ground Floor, meaning that I’m looking for my perfect Personal Branding Logo, to match the vision of my Holisitc on-line purchasing business, and I would love to feature your Art as My Chosen Personal Brand, at the same time bring more awareness to the heavenly art you create.
    Thank you Tiffinity!
    Kathleen Davis

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