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About My Art

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We all need BEAUTY in this world, to remind us of what’s most important — our humanity, and the higher expressions of our heart. I feel most passionate about inspiring the elevation of the human condition, through energetic abstract expressions of spirited emotions.

While so much of modern existence seems routinely depressed and stressed, I am moved to construct magical and meaningful fantasies that inspire deeper connections to pure joy. Varying degrees of surreal ambiguity leaves the viewers’ imagination to create further inpretations.

A driving theme of my oil paintings is transformational adventures through dark times to personal triumph. Passion and power dance freely in dramatic juxtapositions. A vivid cantata of contrasting colors vibrate, explode apart and swoon together. Often a deliverance emerges from the drama, a soulful vision of transcendence appearing in glowing light and sensual, organic curves.

I feel it’s my role as an artist to create dynamic art that reflects a personal interaction with the world and fills the spirit with a celebration of life.



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