Causing a Scene!

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Tiffinity Painting-- Causing a Scene
Causing A Scene. 20" x 24", © 2011 Tiffany Davis-Rustam

That’s the way I like to come into a room, Causing A Scene

This painting makes me feel like I’m free! How about you?

This painting is among a mini-series of paintings I’ve done inspired by a mental exercise suggested from The Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron), one of my favorite inspirational books. I wrote down 5 things that I felt I couldn’t do, and then I drew and painted them. I sometimes feel I want to just lose control of all “proper conduct” and make a scene, say what I really feel. It’s not always appropriate to do that whenever the mood strikes me, but this painting was the perfect place to channel my joys and frustrations.

Original painting, prints, cards for sale on Fine Art America, prints at Etsy.

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