The Original Fine Art Rebel

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Kandinsky painting
Wassily Kandinsky, Painting with Red Spot, 1914.

Wassily Kandinsky was the original art rebel, making the first leap to complete abstraction. Can you believe this painting was made almost 100 years ago?

It was VERY revolutionary for him time, to say the least. He was belittled by most of the art world for quite a while, and they called his work childish nonsense. Only with time and perspective did they realize what a major evolutionary jump he made.

Although it was so long ago, when I look at Kandinsky’s paintings, they appear completely contemporary and of the moment to me, and a source of endless fascination. I feel I’m always learning a lot from his unique color and shape juxtapositions. And as the master himself said, the absence of subject instantly connects more with the heart than the mind, allowing more of a spiritual exploration.



2 thoughts on “The Original Fine Art Rebel”

  1. I have the same reaction on
    seeing the date of many “modern” abstract paintings. They look like they could have come out the studio yesterday!

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