Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall, Abstracted

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Triptych, Untitled so far
Untitled. Original oil triptych painting on canvas, © 2012 Tiffany Davis-Rustam. Total hanging space: 36” x 58”, each panel: 36" x 18"

So, a while ago I asked my Facebook fans “If you were to choose a painting based on the predominance of 1 color, which color would that be?” The response was overwhelmingly: BLUE! With that in mind I set about to create the biggest triptych of mine to date. I posted it’s preliminary stages earlier in my blog, but here is the final!

I’m particularly interested in abstracted form that has a basis in reality, and it’s that ambiguity which I love to explore. At first glance this painting may look completely non-representational, but actually it’s based off the architecture of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney concert hall. At first glance of that building, I was captivated by the highly organic style of his design, where all normal building notions were completely reinvented by what looked to me like giant sheets of musical scores, tossed up joyously into the air. Inspiration struck a chord in me, and I was compelled to honor this masterpiece in a composition of my own.

The physical scale of this painting in person envelopes one right into the middle of these large shapes. The dramatic curves dance and swoon upwards toward the night sky, and the warm colors in the center hint at the mysterious life going on inside the building. In person the appearance of the building changes from every angle, and so I aimed to incorporate these multi-facets into my own interpreted view of it.

This painting doesn’t have a title yet. I was thinking something like “Rhapsody in Blue,” but alas that’s already the name of a famous Gerschwin score. Any ideas are welcome, as I can’t stand an Untitled artwork personally!

8 thoughts on “Frank Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall, Abstracted”

  1. Dear: Tiffany

    My name is James Simon Mishibinijima born Wikwemikong Unceded Indian Reserve to a family of thirteen children, I began my international art career in 1969 where I conducted art exhibitions, symposiums internationally.

    After reading your request in naming this painting and just looking at it for awhile letting it speak to me, the movements, colour that screams out, the painting told me it’s name:

    Evolution: To me I felt it’s a birth of an ATOM MOLECULE that created everything and when I say everything, it doesn’t need to explanation because everything, there’s only dead space waiting to be born.

    Just thinking out loud but I hope you find your title.

    Yours truly

    1. Thank you so much for your passionate and thoughtful reply James!
      I’m really glad you see so deeply into it, that is what I want my art to do, really touch people’s souls, and inspire them to think deeply!

      I like longer names, and have been getting a lot of interesting responses to this question, so I think I might use several words to describe it, and I really will consider Evolution or even Atomic as one of them.


  2. ‘Breaking Out’ This painting suggest a bud or life form about to break free, encased in blue, but with promise of more. Found you on teitter by the way- hi

    1. Ooh, very interesting Petrina! Both of those are fascinating interpretations;
      I get so much joy to see how people see their own unique visions in my paintings.
      It’s why I especially prefer the ambiguity of abstraction, because there is so much more potential to FEEL it!


  3. I get the feeling this is a sleeping eye/person/something. And he’s very happy and secure to be encased in the beautiful blue stair-like images above & below him. So I’m thinking “Eyed Rapture”.

    1. That’s quite an interesting choice of words there, Michele! What a unique perspective you have on that painting– that is so wonderful! I never imagined that, but i can see it now. I really like your words there, and I think Blue Eyed Rapture would be cool, kind of an ambiguous play of words!

      I really love that word “Rapture”! That’s brings a lovely divinity into it.
      xoxo Tiffany

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